We get many questions in the shop about how to read yarn labels.  One of the most frequent questions is about the conversion of meters to yards when trying to figure out how much yarn is in a skein.  Many of our yarns are imported, and only list total meters per skein, not yards.  Since most patterns list yarn requirements in terms of yards, a conversion needs to be made.  If you multiply the meters given by 1.0936, you will obtain the equivalent yardage figure.  If you don't have a calculator handy, you can closely estimate the conversion by simply adding 10% of the total meters number to obtain equivalent yards.

For example:  200 meters x 1.0936 = 218.72 yards

                       200 meters + 10% of 200 (20) = 220 yards

The estimates are fairly close together as you can see, and either will work for figuring necessary yardage for a pattern.