I have always felt that businesses need to contribute to the communities in which they operate and from whom they benefit.  For this reason, we have for the last 23 years been involved in one project or another that benefited certain segments of Lexington and surrounding areas.  We welcome your involvement and contributions of materials and time in any projects that pique your interest.  The needs are so great, and the warm, fuzzy feelings that come from helping others more than repay your efforts.

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Our Warm Up America! group was very busy in 2016.  During the year a total of 465 afghans in various sizes, 253 scarves and 335 hats were completed and donated. Many, many thanks to those of you who have contributed scrap yarn, or knitted or crocheted blocks for us.  The recipients of the items you helped to generate are most grateful.

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WARM UP AMERICA! is a program sponsored by yarn shops all over the country.  Started approximately 25 years ago by a shop owner in Wisconsin, the program's goal is to use the scrap yarn we all have available from past projects to create blocks that are assembled into afghans.  The afghans are then donated to various community groups and individuals that need them.  If you have scrap yarn that you would like to clear out of your house, donate it to Warm Up America!  Washable acrylic yarns are the most suitable, but we can bag and sell other non-suitable yarns in the shop's sale corner, and use the funds received to purchase acrylic yarns.  If you prefer, you can knit or crochet 7" x 9" blocks out of your own scrap yarns (or pick up a bag at the shop) or volunteer to crochet blocks together into afghans.  Completed afghans are laundered, labeled, bagged and then distributed - generally between 450-550 afghans of various sizes are completed each year.  We also have a group of volunteers that meets at the shop every Tuesday from approximately 10-3, from March through December, to work on necessary coordination activities and new members are always welcome.  Donations are accepted at the shop throughout the year.  Past afghan recipients include nursing homes, veteran's hospitals, abuse shelters, cancer patients, homeless shelters and storm victims. 

Warm Up America Volunteers hard at work!

We also have donated hundreds of scarves and hats to the Hope Center and Catholic Action Center over the past several years for the homeless in our community.  We will continue this valuable project every winter -- providing warmth to those who must live much of the winter outside regardless of the weather requires so little effort on our part, but can make such a difference to someone who has none of the comforts we often take for granted.  The scarves and hats can be any color, stitch pattern or size/length -- many are in need.