We are working hard on our fall class schedule and hope to have it on the site within the next 2 weeks.  Our summer schedule had classes scheduled into August and September, so the official fall schedule is later starting this year.  It will include classes scheduled into the months of January and February as well, so will overlap the spring 2014 schedule.  This way we hope to avoid the gap that always occurs at the beginning of the spring semester when we are still catching up from the holidays and inventory, and can't get a letter out early in January.  We will send an email out to all of you who have signed up on the site as soon as we have it posted, and our mailed copy, for those of you who prefer that option, will follow a few days later.  Keep watching............

We have just finished packing up and shipping back the two cross stitch trunk shows that were on display in the shop in August.  My Big Toe Designs and Rosewood Manor both sent a great selection of models for display and lots of pattern charts.  The models are now on their way to the next lucky shop, but we did keep a large number of the pattern leaflets to add to our regular inventory.  If you missed the trunk shows, do make time to check out the patterns the next time you're in the shop -- there were so many really lovely designs that you may want to add to your "to do" pile.

Feederbrook Farms yarns have arrived in the shop!!  We ordered three different yarns in their line -- a kettle-dyed semi-solid in 9 lovely shades, a self-striping handpaint in 9 color combinations, and 6 colors of their Entropy line, a ragg-style yarn with multi-color wraps.  Stephen West (yes, THE Stephen West, designer of some of the industry's most popular shawl patterns) visited Feederbrook's booth at market and loved the Entropy yarn and went home with some samples.  We hope to see it used in a design of his before too long!  All of the yarns are listed as DK weight, though we feel they could also be used in patterns calling for light worsted weights. 

New sock yarns from Blue Ridge Yarns are on the way.  We have reorderd the popular Footprints that sold so quickly last year, and have also added their new line, Footlights, which consists of 4 color-coordinated skeins that you can knit into a cool stripe pattern for socks.  New yarns from Frog Tree Yarns, Jojoland, and Tilli Thomas will be here by the end of September.  Frabjous Fibers is shipping their colorful selection of stitching bags and little notions bags this week -- they are so neat!  The bags are made of wool felt and then embellished with colorful designs in yarn and roving.  Colonial Needle is shipping more new needlepoint Christmas ornament canvases this week as well.  We have already received new canvases from Raymond Crawford and Associated Talents now have them displayed on the wall behind the counter now that the trunk shows are gone. 

I Love Yarn! Day, a nationwide celebration of our love for all things yarn related, is Friday, October 11.  Watch for details about special events and promotions we will be supporting in the shop that weekend, Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12.  We will post more information on the web site in weeks to come, and have complete details about all the special happenings in the fall newsletter.  Put the dates on your calendar so that you don't miss all of the fun!

Warm Up America! had a large number of cross stitch leaflets and knitting magazines donated recently, so they have packaged them in "grab bags", 5 leaflets or 3 magazines for only $1.00!  If you find even one pattern you're interested in, you are way ahead of the game financially.  These are currently located at the front of the shop, and in our sale corner.  Take the plunge, invest a dollar, and support a worthy cause in the process!