Hello Friends -- there are a couple of things that are causing confusion in the newsletter that I need to clarify here.  We are in the process of changing our class calendar program as the last one we used was problematic -- so when you click on "Class Schedule" you are not getting the new class schedule at this time.  I'm hoping it will be up before the week is out, but the class schedule is printed in the body of the newsletter.  You are only getting the first paragraph of the Spring/Summer Newsletter on the home page, but if you click on the "Read more........" line, the rest of the newsletter will appear, including the class schedule.

The second item concerns the promotion we are having on class materials on April 12 & 13.  You do not have to wait until then to sign up for classes -- but class materials for anything you sign up for will only be discounted on those two days.  Class fees are not discounted, regardless of when you sign up.  So if you're concerned about a class filling up, go ahead and call and get your name on the list.  You can wait until the sale days to come in and pay your deposits if that works better with your schedule.