Well, the Addi Turbo Interchangeable Sets are here!  We have a couple of the regular Addi Turbo Sets, a Lace Interchangeable Set with longer tips and one with shorter tips (for those of you who want 16" capability).  We also have one Addi Bamboo Interchangeable Set left in stock.  If your Santa Claus needs a great gift idea, tell him or her not to wait too long to get their shopping done!  We also have a Nova Deluxe interchangeable set and a Dreamz Tunisian Crochet Hook interchangeable set. both from Knitter's Pride.

Many of you knitters and crocheters have embraced the ruffled scarf craze, and we are trying our best to keep yarn in stock.  I placed a large order today, which should arrive on Thursday or Friday of this week, and contains a new royal blue mesh yarn with a white bobbled edge.  We are still awaiting our backorder of white mesh yarn with the royal blue edge that we've sold out of twice -- they keep moving the date out on us!  We keep hoping it will arrive soon..............

Stocking stuffers to put on your list, or to buy for a stitching buddy, are plentiful.  We have a nice selection of Lavishea lotion bars -- perfect for traveling or putting in your stitching bag without fear of a spill.  We have cute tape measures, always a necessity, and a good selection of the wonderful, whimsical knitting needles from Serendipity Needles.  These straight needles are topped with little clay dog and cat heads, flowers, dragonflies, turtles, honey bees and hives, and my personal favorite -- frogs, just to name a few themes.  They will bring a fun spirit to your knitting and a smile to the face of anyone who receives them as a special gift.  We also have a good variety of little scissors, cute stitch markers, and shawl pins.  Seen the Flip 'n Tumble tote bags that fold up into a little pocket, perfect for throwing in your purse just in case you find a treasure to tote home while shopping your favorite haunts?  And of course, a gift certificate is always the perfect gift, and available in any amount you choose to spend.  

We have finally finished checking in, pricing, and putting out our latest order of beautiful buttons.  We get comments frequently about the incredible button selection we have, and we have now increased that selection with approximately 200 new button styles!  We have added many new adorable children's button styles, many more brass and silver metal buttons, new wood buttons, fashion buttons in every color, and have more of the popular grid type buttons in royal blue and white on which our Kentucky fans love to needlepoint "UK" for attaching to their favorite purse or sweater. 

If you are feeling lucky these days, be sure to buy a chance on the beautiful afghan that Warm Up America! is giving away right before Christmas.  It is a lovely ripple pattern in cream and shades of purple, and is on display in the shop.  They will use the money collected to purchase yarn for the program, so with every ticket purchased you are contributing to a worthy cause and increasing your chances of winning this lovely item. 

When we started the web site, I had no idea how difficult it would be to find the time to keep the site updated, and new material posted on a regular basis.  I have been somewhat sporadic thus far, but my new goal is to update our home page every 2 weeks, and keep new pictures posted on a regular basis.  I continue to encourage you to consider signing up to get the newsletter notification via email -- we would eventually love to shift the majority of our 8500+ member mailing list from a mailed paper copy to the web site copy, but realize that will take some time.  If you prefer to continue to receive yours by traditional mail, we are happy to continue to send it in that format. 

Note our holiday hours in the Spotlight Section, and don't miss the detail on our pre-inventory sale on our promotions page.  Hope you have more Christmas shopping and decorating done than I do -- enjoy the season!