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 Our Mission Statement:  To foster the love and appreciation of and participation in needle arts by making available high quality products and education; to accomplish the above while running a profitable business that contributes to the community in which it operates.


The Stitch Niche, Inc. has been in business in Lexington since April, 1991.  We have stayed in the Nicholasville Road area, with easy access to New Circle Road, and multiple routes in if you want to avoid the busy main roads.  We started out in a 1000 square foot shop on Burt Road, and after 2 years were aching for more space.  In 1993 we moved to a little shop on Surfside Drive and increased our square footage to about 1800 square feet.  With the increased space we were able to offer classes in our front window sitting area, and were thrilled to have a counter where we could cut fabric for our cross stitch customers.  We gathered various fixtures and shelving units together in order to display additional inventory and our increasing supply of yarns. 

After 3 years at the Surfside Drive location, we were again busting at the seams, and so in 1995 moved to our current location at 180 Moore Drive and a glorious 3600 square feet!  We had so much space with which to work that we actually had some empty corners and ooodles of walking space between the shelving units.  During our 21 years in this location, the fixtures and shelving units have greatly increased in number and the aisles have gotten much narrower.  Yarn has gradually taken over more and more of our floor space as the knitting and crochet industry has experienced the most growth of the needlework categories we stock. We do though still have a substantial space dedicated to cross stitch and counted thread work, and large displays of needlepoint canvases for belts and Christmas ornaments and stockings. 

Teaching classes is a very important part of our business.  We have two areas dedicated to classroom space, and often have a class going in both spaces at the same time -- usually teaching 6-12 different classes each week during the height of the class schedule.  We teach to a variety of experience levels, with subjects related to knitting, crochet, cross stitch and needlepoint.  We offer finishing services  -- specifically for ornaments, stockings, pillows, belts and key chains, sweater finishing and repairs.  We also do a limited amount of custom knitting and crocheting.


Amy Jones

I grew up in a family of women who had always done needlework of one sort or another.  When we got together for family gatherings, we played cards and worked puzzles, but when we all sat down at the end of the day to talk, each one picked up her preferred form of needlework.  Some pieced quilt blocks, some crocheted, some did embroidery -- but everyone did something!  I learned to sew in elementary school in order to get my Girl Scout sewing badge and with Mom's help did make some of my own clothing and sewed aprons for gifts, but grew to prefer stitching that was more portable, and could be done in a social setting. 

My mother taught me to crochet, and my grandmother taught me to knit.  My first ball of knitting yarn, which I LOVED and used to knit a garter stitch scarf, was a combination of bright primary colors  -- even then the color of the yarn was a magnet for me!  My first crochet project was a ripple afghan in shades of blue -- and I followed it with several other afghans in various color families.  A friend taught me to do counted cross stitch when I was a teenager, and I fell in love with the counted thread work as well.  I stitched lots of small projects for gifts -- bibs, bookmarks, ornaments, fingertip towels, bread-cloths, and Mom and I set up booths at craft fairs in the fall to sell our projects.  We never made much money for the time and materials involved, but we had lots of fun!

I continued to stitch, mainly crochet and cross stitch, as I went through college and started a teaching career in music education.  After getting my Master's Degree I decided to explore a business career, and worked in sales for several years.  One day I saw an ad in the paper for a needlework shop for sale, and thought I'd take a look -- just for fun...... Two weeks later I owned a shop!  It did seem the perfect way to combine my business degree with my love of stitching!  As most small business owners will tell you, I had no idea what I was getting into, and how much it would take over my life 24/7.  Regardless of all of the work involved though, I have never lost my love for yarn and fabrics and threads in beautiful colors and textures.  I have learned to love knitting and needlepoint as well, and wish I had more time to do all forms of stitching!  I do find teaching the classes here at the shop to be one of my favorite things, a throwback to my love of teaching music I guess.  I love seeing students get excited about what they are learning -- whether it is a musical phrase on an instrument or a new knitting technique!


Sherry Nielsen

sherry-nielsenI enjoy all types of needlework.  My first love was counted cross stitch, with a little crocheting thrown in.  Over the last 15 years or so, I have added many skills to my repertoire, now having knitted many items for myself and my family.  I have also have learned to love needlepoint, and am an active member of the Lexington Chapter of the American Needlepoint Guild. 

I moved to Nicholasville, KY with my family in 1993 and became a customer of The Stitch Niche.  I came to work here in 1995, working several days a week for years, and then "retiring" in about 2009 and reducing my work load to one day a week most of the time, leaving me time to play with my grandchildren, and yet stay in touch with co-workers and customers who have become good friends throughout the years.  I also teach the beginning counted cross stitch classes at the shop, enjoying sharing my love of needlework with others!

Judy Olson

judy-olsonI have been doing some type of needlework for as long as I can remember.  My first experience was with stamped embroidery at about age 6.  I remember crying because I had stitched my embroidery work to my pants and it had to be cut out -- I was heartbroken!  I had my first needlepoint kit purchased for me around age 10 at a museum gift shop in Michigan.  My mom had never stitched needlepoint, so I was on my own.  The design was all continental stitch which I found boring, so needlepoint was not a big hit with me at that time.  About age 12 I decided to try thread crochet.  It was the only type of crochet that my grandmother did -- fancy doilies, bed dolls, tablecloths and bedspreads.  The tiny hook cramped my hands so I wasn't too excited about doing more crochet!  I learned to sew and tailor in the 9th grade -- skills that have been used over the years, constructing household items and clothing for myself and my family.

I continued with embroidery until I discovered knitting at the age of 16.  My mom was taking beginning knitting at the local YWCA.  It looked like fun, so I purchased my first "learn-how" book (which I still have) for 35 cents at the dime store, along with a skein of kelly green wool yarn and some needles.  I don't really remember making anything with that yarn, but was able to learn how to cast on, knit and purl.  My first project was a white, cabled cardigan with saddle shoulders.  No one ever told me that it might be better to start with a scarf!  I continued knitting, making another sweater during my senior year -- a dark brown pullover with a funnel collar that I had bound off too tightly and was thus always a battle to get on over my head!  I knitted a few things, mostly squares, rectangles and baby sweaters (after all, they would eventually fit somebody) while raising my family.  After knitting a simple pullover with fingering weight yarn, which took many hours, for myself, and finding that it would fit only my younger and smaller sister, I decided that I needed help.  I enrolled in a beginning knitting class at Yarn & Fiber Studio here in Lexington and learned that GAUGE had been the primary culprit of all of my sizing issues.  The class also taught me the basics that I had missed in the "learn on your own" method.

I also dabbled with crewel embroidery, macrame, and candlewick embroidery.  At age 28, when my son was an infant, my mom taught me to do counted cross stitch -- so much fun!  I became an avid stitcher, and enjoy it even now.  I really love all forms of needlework -- counted cross stitch, counted canvas, needlepoint (now with many different stitches), sewing, wool applique, crochet and knitting, with knitting being my primary passion.

I had been a regular customer at The Stitch Niche for years when I became an employee in January, 2000.  I enjoy working with customers and teaching various classes.  I do the needlepoint blocking for the shop, and have done the small ornament finishing since approximately 2004.  I love to see a customer's hard work turn into a beautiful finished product and treat each piece as if it were my own, striving for the best possible result.

 Susan Winkler

SusanWinklerI grew up in Pittsburgh, and was blessed to have a very talented mother.  My mother taught me to knit, crochet, embroider, sew and quilt when I was a child.  In college, I began knitting in earnest and knit my first sweater -- an Aran pullover.  Since then, knitting has truly become my passion.  I've been "knitting daily" long before it became fashionable!  I love to knit lace, cables and twisted stitch patterns, fair isle, and socks of all kinds.

After "marrying" into Lexington, I became a customer of The Stitch Niche, and began to knit models for the shop.  Then I began teaching at the shop, and eventually began working at the counter as well in 2007.  I especially enjoy teaching Elizabeth Zimmerman classes like the Surprise Jacket and Percentage System Sweaters.  I also do custom work and finishing work in knitting and crochet for shop customers.

In my spare time (!) I also enjoy spinning and weaving, plant and maintain a large garden, and love music.