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Hi friends -- I need to inform everyone that after reviewing our schedule, and talking with multiple customers, we have decided to cancel the Holiday Open House scheduled for this Sunday, November 15.  Everyone is so very busy this time of year, and we have had several requests that we delay the customer "fashion show" and exhibit until after the holidays so that people have more time to prepare.  We will, however, plan to offer some quick-to-finish holiday gift ideas in the shop, and will be offering a special promotion each week between now and Christmas.  I will post the weekly specials and promotions on our web site and our Facebook page.  Check every Monday to see what special deals we have to offer each week!  Promos will start the week of November 16, so mark it on your calendars!

If you have not "liked" us on Facebook, you might not be receiving our posts.  We frequently publish pictures of new inventory and reminders of upcoming events that you won't see anywhere else, so make sure you're in the loop and know what's happening! 

The customer project exhibit, as previously mentioned, will be rescheduled in conjunction with another event, after the first of the year.  We have had requests to include a sweater/garment category, so will make plans to do that when we reschedule the event.  Be thinking about your most impressive knitted or crocheted items (even if you have to borrow them back from someone!), or needlepoint or cross-stitch ornament, pillow or decor item that you'd like to enter in the contest.  Customers will vote on their favorites, and the winner in each category will receive a gift certificate!  Tentative plans are for a March time frame, so that will give you plenty of time to prepare.  A definite date and specific information will be posted on the web site after the first of the year. 

As the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays approach, our schedules get more frantic and the days seem to fly by.  More this year, than ever before, I am persuaded to slow down a little and draw the joy from each day before it slips away.  Each moment with family and friends can become a precious memory, one to be treasured in the days, months and years to come.  The gifts, the decorations, and the food, the parties and the performances, are all a part of the season, but the most important thing, by far, is the time we spend with those we love.  Put that first on your list -- you will never regret it. 



Sunday, October 25

2:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Anzula Yarns is coming to town with their many suitcases full of yarn!  They will have lots of yarn in a rainbow of colors.  This is a great chance to see and shop their entire yarn line!  Come and join us for a fun afternoon of browsing and shopping before they pack up and head to another state.  Check out our Facebook page for pictures of trunk shows in other shops and close-ups of their beautiful yarns. 

Dear Stitchers,

The air is beginning to get a little cooler, the children are back in school, and Christmas decorations are already beginning to appear in the stores next to the pumpkins and turkeys.  It must be time to speed up the stitching on those fall and holiday projects!  Whether you're executing knit stitches, crochet stitches, cross stitches or needlepoint stitches, there always seem to be too many stitches to be made relative to the time available to make them!  We have loaded the shelves and walls with new yarns, patterns, fabrics, kits and threads.  We have scheduled an interesting array of classes to help inspire you with ideas for wonderful gifts or the perfect accessories for your holiday wardrobe.  We have rearranged the shop, and added a table and chairs in the front area, available for anyone who would like to come and stitch with us during the day.  Call your friends and meet them for a stitching date -- our coffee pot is ready and waiting to brew your favorite beverage to refresh you!

We are experimenting again with our newsletter distribution.  When we first decided to transition from exclusively a mailed, paper copy newsletter to primarily an emailed version, we encouraged you to go to our web site and sign up to receive an email notification when the newsletter was available on the web site, from which you could print a copy.  Since our newsletters, including the class schedule, are generally 6 pages long, they are too lengthy to actually include in the body of an email.  While over 3000 of you did sign up, many did not apparently take that step, and they are now confused as to why they are not still receiving a newsletter and class schedule.  So we have decided to again mail a paper copy to everyone on our list, at least for a semester or two, to give us a chance to more clearly communicate the need for and benefits of the transition.  Our "paper copy" list hasn't been used in awhile, so we apologize if we mail to the wrong address, or to an address that should have been deleted.  We will get it updated by the next mailing.  We will also send an email to those of you who have provided email addresses, and the newsletter will still be posted on the web site, approximately a week before paper copies will arrive in your mailboxes.  Our main goal is to get the newsletter information distributed to those of you who want to receive it, in whatever form works best!