Dear Stitchers,

The air is beginning to get a little cooler, the children are back in school, and Christmas decorations are already beginning to appear in the stores next to the pumpkins and turkeys.  It must be time to speed up the stitching on those fall and holiday projects!  Whether you're executing knit stitches, crochet stitches, cross stitches or needlepoint stitches, there always seem to be too many stitches to be made relative to the time available to make them!  We have loaded the shelves and walls with new yarns, patterns, fabrics, kits and threads.  We have scheduled an interesting array of classes to help inspire you with ideas for wonderful gifts or the perfect accessories for your holiday wardrobe.  We have rearranged the shop, and added a table and chairs in the front area, available for anyone who would like to come and stitch with us during the day.  Call your friends and meet them for a stitching date -- our coffee pot is ready and waiting to brew your favorite beverage to refresh you!

We are experimenting again with our newsletter distribution.  When we first decided to transition from exclusively a mailed, paper copy newsletter to primarily an emailed version, we encouraged you to go to our web site and sign up to receive an email notification when the newsletter was available on the web site, from which you could print a copy.  Since our newsletters, including the class schedule, are generally 6 pages long, they are too lengthy to actually include in the body of an email.  While over 3000 of you did sign up, many did not apparently take that step, and they are now confused as to why they are not still receiving a newsletter and class schedule.  So we have decided to again mail a paper copy to everyone on our list, at least for a semester or two, to give us a chance to more clearly communicate the need for and benefits of the transition.  Our "paper copy" list hasn't been used in awhile, so we apologize if we mail to the wrong address, or to an address that should have been deleted.  We will get it updated by the next mailing.  We will also send an email to those of you who have provided email addresses, and the newsletter will still be posted on the web site, approximately a week before paper copies will arrive in your mailboxes.  Our main goal is to get the newsletter information distributed to those of you who want to receive it, in whatever form works best!


THE STITCH NICHE NEWS - Spring/Summer 2015

Dear Stitchers,

Happy Spring everyone!  Don't the trees look lovely this year?  I guess all of this rain has helped to produce the blooms we see everywhere.  The spring season has also spurred us on to complete the rearrangement of the shop -- we are now working on the front section.  We still have product to put back in place and displays to work on, but we are making progress!  New stock will soon be filling the shelves, and a new seating area in the front of the shop invites you to come in anytime, sit awhile, and stitch with us! 

As part of our reorganization in the front of the shop, we have revamped our cross stitch area, and have pulled a LOT of cross stitch charts and products to put in our sale baskets so that we will have room for new stuff!  There are loads of great design charts and kits offered at 50% off.   Be sure to check them out next time you're in the shop -- bargains abound!

We typically offer a promotional discount day in the spring of the year related to St. Patrick’s Day or our shop birthday in April, but since I was out of the shop during that time those dates slipped right on by.  As a “make-up” offer, we are giving you a 20% discount coupon to use at any time during the month of May -- you choose your own sale day!   You will need to print the coupon and bring it with you to the shop on the day you wish to receive a 20% discount on your purchase.  It is only good for one ticket purchase during the month, so make your list, choose your day, and save, save, save!




EXPIRES 5/30/2015

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What's Up? (3/5/15)

Well, here we go again!  The President's Day snow piles have just melted, our frozen water pipes at the shop finally thawed today after 10 days without water, and I had just commented this morning on how lovely the brown, muddy grass looked in my front yard.  And now this............with several inches of snow already on the ground and 5-6 more predicted before morning, I feel fairly confident in going ahead and making the decision that The Stitch Niche will be closed on Thursday, March 5.  Classes scheduled for Thursday night will also be cancelled.  Another day on which I hope you can curl up under an afghan and stitch on your current favorite project!  We will make a decision about Friday when we can determine road conditions and wind chill factors related to the sub-zero temps predicted for Friday morning.  Now, back to putting the finishing touches on our spring/summer class schedule........  Stay tuned!

Whats Up? (2/17/15)

The Stitch Niche will remain closed today as we begin to dig out of our driveways and neighborhoods.  Hopefully you have enough yarn, thread and fabric at home to keep you going!  We will hope to reopen on Wednesday.  If you must be out and about, please be careful!