What's Up? (7/17/14)


July 18 & 19

Join us on Friday & Saturday for some special savings!


Knitting Needles, Crochet Hooks, Knitting/Crochet/Stitching Notions, Buttons, Floss, Pearl Cotton, Specialty Threads, Hardcover & Softcover Books

(this does not include individual pattern leaflets)



Select yarns including the following:  Alpaca Delight Mini, Athena, Baby Alpaca Silk, Baby Llama, Bambool, Bombay, Butterfly/Super 10, Coro, Flying Saucer, Jawoll, Heavenly, Karnak, Kochoran, Lamb's Pride, Liberty Boucle, Lupin, Malicia, Nature Spun, Nikki, Nobori, Parrot, Rialto DK, Royal Cashmere, Safari, Savvy, Seduce, Shimmer, Silky Tweed, Soho, Solo, Squiggle, Supermerino, Taos, Wildfoote, Zauberball

Strickwear Yarn Kits

Selected Cross Stitch, Emroidery & Hardanger Kits and Pattern Leaflets

Selected Counted Canvas Leaflets and Books



Pre-Embroidered Needlepoint Canvases

Painted Needlepoint Canvases (does not include belt canvases or Christmas ornaments)


We will also be giving away one of our beautiful knitted shawl models.  You can purchase chances to win this lovely shawl for just $1 each.  We will have a drawing to select the winner of the shawl on Saturday afternoon at 4:00.  You do not have to be present to win. 


Whats Up? 6/16/14

A lot has been going on at the shop lately! We are almost finished with our transition from spinner racks to binders for our knitting and crochet leaflets. We had no idea it would take so long to complete this process! I think we were all surprised to find out how many hundereds of titles we had in various categories that had been hiding on the spinner racks. We still have to tweak a few areas -- deciding on a final place for all of the binders, labeling binders and file drawers so that you can find what you're looking for easily, and setting up a seating area. Customers who have used the new system thus far have been very positive -- let us know what you think the next time you are on the hunt for a particular pattern for your next project.

New yarns are coming in every week -- opening boxes is such fun! The Tough Love sock yarn from Sweet Georgis Yarns has been a big hit, and we are almost out of some colors of the Superwash DK tonal yarn we got from them. Our Cascade order will be in next week, including a great new yarn for baby afghans and a "Noro-like" yarn that is a cotton blend, with NO wool for you wool-sensitive customers. We are also expecting a new DK weight Heritage sock yarn in prints and solids, and a generous restocking of our Heritage fingering weight sock yarn in solids, multis and the new print patterns. Heritage Silk is also being restocked, along with Alpaca Lace and Cascade 220, including 10-12 new colors. Appalachian Baby is sending us a shipment later this month, including their new organic pink and blue cottons -- so lovely.   Anzula Yarns is working on our order of fingering weight shawl yarn -- wool in beautiful colors with a little hint of sparkle.  And we are expecting a shipment of lovely fingering weight transitional yarn from Gypsy Girl Creations -- perfect for shawls, cowls, scarves or socks!  We are all busy planning our next projects around the new yarns.  We'll post pics of the new stuff on our Facebook page when they arrive.

Speaking of Facebook -- if you have not "liked" us on Facebook, be sure to do so that you'll receive pics of the new yarns and other new inventory, and notifications of special promotions, reminders of classes, etc. Just click on the link in the left column of this page and you'll be on our friend list. You dont' want to miss anything!

We just got a really nice shipment of Kathy Schenkel needlepoint ornaments in this last week. Pictures are being posted on our FB page this week. It's not too early to start on this year's ornaments -- the finishing deadlines will be along sooner than you think!

On your trips or in your idle moments this summer, if you don't have a project handy, remember Warm Up America!  Our Warm Up America group is always in need of 7" x 9" blocks, knitted or crocheted in machine washable yarns.  They can be any stitch pattern and any color -- so if you need a small, quick-to-complete project to pack along -- grab your needles or hooks, a skein of yarn, and make a block.  If you need appropriate yarn, remember we always have some here at the shop that you can pick up.

We do have a nice promotion going on our Brown Sheep Wildfoote sock yarn -- check out our promotions page for details.  See you soon!

THE STITCH NICHE NEWS Spring/Summer 2014

Dear Stitchers,

I'm calling this the "spring/summer" newsletter, but am beginning to wonder if spring is really ever going to come and stay around -- this week has been a rollercoaster in temperatures!  We are moving ahead with our spring/summer schedule though, convinced that winter will truly be over soon!

Though a little late for St. Patrick's Day, as a celebration of the spring season we are holding a Luck-of-the-Irish Sale on Friday and Saturday, March 21 & 22.  When you bring your purchases to the counter, you will be able to draw for your lucky discount, which could range from 10% to 30%.  As a special prize, there will also be two lucky golden four-leaf clovers hidden in the shop each day.  If you find one it will be worth a 40% discount on your purchases!  May the luck of the Irish be with you -- hope to see you on March 21 & 22!

Read more: THE STITCH NICHE NEWS Spring/Summer 2014

What's Up? (3/1/14)

Hello Dear Customers -- Did you think this update was never going to appear?!?  I had begun to wonder as well!  In addition to a busy schedule and 2 weeks of a cold and bronchitis, my computer has been "sick" and off-line for over a month.  All is well now, so here's a summary of what's been going on the past couple of months...........

SPECIAL OLYMPICS SCARVES -- First of all, let me say THANK YOU for how you rallied to our call for help with Special Olympics Scarves in December.  You contributed 80 scarves for the atheletes within a 2-week period -- that's great!  We took them over to the headquarters in Frankfort and were assured the scarves would be put to good use.  They did end up receiving enough for all of the atheletes with extras to be sent to athletes participating in other games.  They have told us the information regarding yarn colors for the 2015 scarves will be available late summer, so we will let you know as soon as we are notified, and avoid the last-minute crisis this year.

CLASS SCHEDULE AND WEATHER POLICIES -- Hasn't this been a winter to remember?  To add insult to injury, as I write this, we are expecting perhaps the worst storm of the season with significant ice accumulations forecast for tomorrow.  I know we are all ready for the warmth and colors of spring!  The bad weather has also wreaked havoc on our class schedule.  We have had to postpone quite a few class sessions, but are hoping to finish catching up by the end of this month and be ready to start teaching our spring schedule of classes.  Just to remind you -- our "official" policy is that if Fayette County Schools are not in session due to weather, we do not hold any morning classes scheduled for that day.  Evening classes are held or canceled on a case by case basis at the discretion of the teacher since by evening the roads are often clear and class travel is safe.  Teachers of evening classes will call their students on a Fayette County Snow Day when a decision is made about holding or cancelling the class.

MARKET HAPPENINGS -- Since we last "talked" I've been to two markets.  In January I traveled to San Diego, CA for the winter yarn/needlepoint market to see what's new in those areas.  I ordered a new line of hand-dyed DK and sock weight yarns from Sweet Georgia Yarns out of Canada.  Their tonal shades and variegated shades are beautifully coordinated, making for gorgeous results when you combine them in shawls, scarves or socks.  I also purchased a lovely fingering weight yarn called Nebula from Anzula Yarns.  Beautiful solid colors are combined with a bit of stellina for sparkle, and are perfect for special scarves, shawls or cowls.  Both will be arriving soon in the shop -- keep your eyes open!  We also picked out some really cute Christmas ornaments from some of my favorite needlepoint designers, including quite a few of those adorable critter stockings from Kathy Schenkel.  They will be on the way as soon as they can get them painted and in the mail.  By the way, San Diego locals were complaining somewhat because the temperatures were a bit cool for them while we were there -- only in the 60's a couple of days.......... Oh my.........

In February, Judy and I drove to Nashville for the counted thread market.  We brought back new designs from Lizzie Kate, Rosewood Manor (with the long-awaited Autumn Quaker Sampler on the way), Workbasket, Summer House, Just Another Button Company, Shepherd's Bush, Hands On Design, Needle Bling Designs, From The Heart, Poppy Kreations, Foxwood Crossings, and more!  We also purchased some lovely new hand-dyed fabrics from Picture This Plus, and the new thread colors for this market from Weeks Dye Works and The Gentle Art.  The popular sled ornaments from last season are back in stock, and we also found some new wood laying tools that feel so good in your hand -- beautiful and functional.  Most items are already priced and on display, so put on your boots, harness the team, and brave the snow to come in and see what's new!

SPOTLIGHT ON.......  We are changing our spotlight feature on our home page to focus on employee recommendations to you about products, patterns, or yarns they love and are currently working with.  You are always asking us what we like and why, so I've decided to make it a regular feature on the web site.  We'll highlight one employee per month -- for March the spotlight is on you, Susan Winkler!

SPRING/SUMMER CLASS SCHEDULE -- I am currently working on the spring/summer class schedule for 2014 and working that "puzzle thing" where I make it all fit in those little blocks on the calendar!  It should post to the web site by the end of the first week of March.  We will send you another email blast when it is actually available on the site.  Pictures of class projects will soon follow.  Watch your mailbox!

NEW CREDIT CARD POLICIES -- Guess I've saved the worst till last, but like taking your medicine, it must be done.  Due to the increasing cost of credit card processing, and the huge increase in the use of credit cards, I've had to make some difficult decisions regarding our policies that I hope you will understand.  We have to pay transaction fees and processing fees on every credit card transaction we run, whether run as a credit or a debit.  These amount to hundreds of dollars a month, thousands of dollars a year, and of course come right out of the slim profit margins we operate on.  If the transaction is small, under $10, then we sometimes don't even break even on the sale.  For that reason, we will now be charging a 50-cent fee on all credit/debit card transactions under $10.  This will at least cover a portion of the fees we pay every time we run a card.  Of course, you are welcome to pay by personal check or cash (we love those!) if you prefer.  I know banks discourage checks, no one seems to carry cash anymore, and credit/debit cards are really convenient, but we, along with many other small businesses, do appreciate your consideration of fees we incur when cards are used.