Whats Up? (2/17/15)

The Stitch Niche will remain closed today as we begin to dig out of our driveways and neighborhoods.  Hopefully you have enough yarn, thread and fabric at home to keep you going!  We will hope to reopen on Wednesday.  If you must be out and about, please be careful!

Whats Up? (2/16/15)

Brrrr!  One look outside this morning makes you want to run for the nearest afghan!  Since the snow is still coming down, and travel conditions are somewhat dangerous, we will be closed for business today.  We apologize for any inconvenience -- hopefully no one is having a stitching emergency, and I'm pretty sure we all have enough stash to supply us for a day or two!  We'll re-evaluate in the morning based on how much snow we get, and make a decision about opening on Tuesday.  Check back here for more information.  Have a warm and safe day, and get some stitching done!

Update (1/16/15)

Dear Customers,

If you've tried to reach us this afternoon by phone, you no doubt have been somewhat frustrated!  Mid-afternoon our phones just stopped working......they ring, we answer, and are met with dead air.  From what we understand, when you call, it rings, then stops and you get the dead air on your end!  We've reported the problem, they tested the line and said it was "fine" (!), so are going to have so send someone out to check things out.  Why do things like this always happen on a Friday afternoon?  We hope to have the phone working again this afternoon or tomorrow, but until then please bear with us!  You can post to our FB page, send me a message via the contact page on this web site, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Our internet is working fine, for now..... We'll check regularly for messages and get back to you ASAP.  Thanks for your patience!

Holiday Schedule

Wednesday, December 24 -- CLOSED

Thursday, December 25 -- CLOSED

Friday, December 26 (10 AM-6 PM) -- Pre-Inventory Sale

Saturday, December 27 (10 AM-4 PM) -- Pre-Inventory Sale

Sunday, December 28 -- CLOSED

Monday, December 29 (12 PM-6 PM) -- Pre-Inventory Sale

Tuesday, December 30 (10 AM-6 PM) -- Pre-Inventory Sale

Wednesday, December 31 -- CLOSED

Thursday, January 1 -- CLOSED

Friday, January 2 -- Regular Hours Resume